House Of Cards 840x200 - Real Estate VS Sports Betting and Casino Gambling - Are They the Same?

Real Estate VS Sports Betting and Casino Gambling – Are They the Same?

People love to gamble, whether for the thrill of it or because they love supporting their favorite teams or players. Gambling is a very famous pastime activity for many people. With that in mind, people who gamble are often associated with problematic behavior and losing lots of money.

But, there are also professionals who earn money by gambling, or rather, sports betting or playing poker. People live lives by doing these things.

Real estate is often compared to gambling and sports betting and many people call it gambling. This is a myth and one that is busted with every successful sale from a reputable and knowledgeable agent. Here is what you need to know about real estate and gambling in order to be able to tell the difference.

TV 300x209 - Real Estate VS Sports Betting and Casino Gambling - Are They the Same?Gambling Means Not Knowing the Outcome of a Bet

The outcome of a bet which you cannot predict in any way is a gamble, especially if there is nothing which can assure you of one side or another winning. Yes, knowing the odds helps, but the odds have been beaten plenty of times, meaning that they are not a factor in determining the outcome, just a guideline. With that in mind, even sports betting, the results of which you can somewhat predict, is an act of gambling. Looking past that, real estate is a much different beast, where statistics and the market tell you what might happen (even though it tends not to happen from time to time).

Sports Betting – A Science or Just Gambling?

People live their lives by placing bets on various teams and sports, earning money and living without ever being addicted to gambling. The thing is, professionals take a completely different approach which eliminates emotional attachment and anything else other than a desire to earn money. That means studying different, potentially more profitable sports and while there are sports which can earn a bettor more money, mathematically speaking, it is still an act of gambling where your results depend on other individuals doing something plenty of people expect them to do.

Work 300x200 - Real Estate VS Sports Betting and Casino Gambling - Are They the Same?Real Estate – A Good Agent’s Fortune

In order to be successful in real estate, you need good people skills and a great knowledge of how the cyclical market works. Armed with this knowledge, you can show the people what they want to buy or find the right sellers for the right buyers.

You are basically doing marketing with lots of research, though you are doing it personally. Not every buyer will appreciate the same approach nor will they be interested in the same types of properties. But agents are not the only ones who can earn from real estate.

Real Estate – A Seller’s Dream

In order to be able to sell real estate and earn money, you need to know the ins and outs of a market. Experience can only be obtained through work and exposure. In this case, that would mean learning from the best or purchasing and selling real estate yourself. The latter is a bit risky to do without the necessary knowledge, so a progression is recommended.


While gambling involves betting on something where the outcome does not depend on your actions as much as it does on the actions of others, real estate depends on your actions, most of the time.