About the Isle of Wight and Purchasing and Selling Property

Here you will find a collection of articles about the the Isle of Wight and the wonderful things to do on this magnificent island which is sirenly placed in the English Channel, not far off the South coast. If you are thinking of purchasing a year round or holiday home there, then we think that you will find this website really interesting. Some of the aticles give you advise on the type of estate agent that can help you find your dream home, or sell one that you already have. One article, for instance, talks about some estate agents’ multi-dimensional approach to marketing and selling a broad range of elite properties all over the island.

Special tips from experts

Other articles include “The Different Ways of Selling Your Property” – we are sure that some of this strategies will be new and interesting to you. “The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Estate Agent” – here you will learn about the benefits of a more personalised unique service. “What Can You Expect For The Commission You Pay?” lists various services that you will get if you take this route. “Helping People Sell and Buy their Property Using Social Media” explains how you stand more change of being successful. “The Benefits of Living on the Isle of Wight” and “Isle of Wight Leisure Activities” discusses lots of fantastic things that you can enjoy on the island. “Different Regions to Chose From on the Isle of Wight” offers a clear and concise introduction to the main villages and towns, and “Buying a Property Close to the Water” gives you information on the marvellous waterways, rivers and the coast.