Buying a Property Close to the Water

Many people dream of looking out of their house and seeing a river, a beautiful creek, a bay, or the sea. On the Isle of Wight, this is a reality for many people as the island is endowed with such marvelous views. It boasts three main rivers, all of which run from the south to the north: the Western Yar which is the island’s shortest river that runs to a Yarmoth estuary from Freshwater Bay; the Eastern Yar (the island’s longest river), which runs to the harbour at Bembridge, and the Medina River which heads to the mouth of the Solent. This is the spot where East Cowes and Cowes, known as the twin Towns, are situated on each side of the Solent. The estuary is located approximately 17 kilometres from the Medina’s source.

Amazing Waterfront Residence in Wet Vancouver 4 300x165 - Buying a Property Close to the WaterThe island’s northern coast is unique as every 12.5 hours it has a double high-tide, and every day it has four high tides. This is due to the difference in size between the east and west Solents. This is wonderful to look out on. The different coloured sand cliffs at Alum bay and the main area which leads towards the Needles Old Battery offers a glorious panorama over the Solent.

There are 57 stunning miles of coastline around the Isle of Wight, so the chances of finding a property which looks out over the sea is very high. Watching the sunrise and sunset over the water from a room in your home is a lovely experience, and generates a feeling of complete tranquility.

So if you are looking for a property with a coastal setting and breathtaking views over the Solent and beyond, you do not need to look any further than the Isle of Wight, and all you need is a top estate agent to make your dreams come true.