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Are Real Estate Agents Worth the Money? – Should You DIY Everything?

Today, people have got used to doing almost everything themselves. This means that a buyer can purchase something by making an informed decision beforehand. In order to make this informed decision, they must first do their research. This often means using the internet as a way of exploration and information gathering. The internet can help buyers of all kinds, from technology equipment, to clothes and even real estate. People who are used to purchasing, are often frustrated when they find out that they still need to pay an agent commissions for their work. But could you do it alone or do you need an agent?

Are Agents Really Necessary?

Real Estate Agent 300x176 - Are Real Estate Agents Worth the Money? - Should You DIY Everything?In today’s world, the answer would probably be no, but provided that the buyer and seller are competent enough to do all the things prior to making a purchase or sale. This means all the paperwork and all the research prior to doing the paperwork. Experts tend to do these jobs quicker and the odds of them making a mistake are almost irrelevant. Likewise, if a mistake happens, then the agent would have to take responsibility and make things right, while an individual would have to do it on their own, possibly spending more time and/or money. Are agents helpful? They could be.

Agents Can Do Things Quicker and Better

People often think that they can do something better than somebody else, especially when they are frustrated with the results of an action. After the battle is over, everybody is a general, a successful one, mind you. And so, people end up trying to do these seemingly easy things only to end up having to spend more money and being more stressed.

Agents are there to do a seemingly easy job and since they get paid a lot of money for such jobs, they must do it well. Now, how much is an agent worth depends solely on the agent. Not all of them are worth your money and just like repairmen and mechanics, you shouldn’t pay or even visit those which have a bad reputation. If you end up having to go through an agent, you should put your researching skills to use and do a bit of digging on the various candidates.

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The Work Doesn’t Start Until the Property is Sold

What people often disregard is that when a property is sold, only then does the real paperwork start, paperwork for which agencies and agents are specialized for. The initial research of finding and choosing a property is just the tip of the iceberg and this iceberg runs deep. If you do not know all the things you are supposed to do, you will likely end up having to do it more than once, thus losing money along the way and earning nothing but stress.

Technology – Friend to the Agents

While clients can also use technology to their advantage, so can agents, to help clients find their properties faster and to legalize the transaction and get them into their home as soon as possible. Traditional ways were slow and outdated. Technology enables agents to do their work faster and take the load of the clients’ shoulders.


While you could buy properties without an agent, that would be a monumental task. Agents are helpful, if a bit expensive.